6 Benefits of Having a Dog You Probably Don’t Know About

Dogs are among the most friendliest animals out there. They are extremely loyal and lovable. This is why around 40% of all households have a dog in the USA (According to ASPCA). And your love for dog will be returned by 10 fold if not more. There are so many of them but I will just list the most important ones that I could think of.

Dog on Grass

Now let’s jump into some of the benefits of having a dog. This is not to create any argument between dog people and cat people but to simply state the facts.

1. Less Stress

There are many studies that prove your stress level will be less if you own a dog. Playing with your dog or just watching it play can have a dramatic effect on you to reduce stress. And this is one of the most amazing benefits of having a dog.

2. More Exercise

It’s a gloomy cold day outside and you are just not getting the feel to go for a walk. But your your dog may eagerly wait by the door for you and this may give you the motivation needed. Going for a half an hour walk everyday with your dog will surely improve your health as well as your dogs.

3. Less Allergy

It may seem contrary to the fact that dogs trigger allergies but growing your kids around a dog will help them fight allergy from the early age. Kids that grow up around a dog will build up immunity to pet allergies and will be less likely to have allergies later in their life which is a very good thing.

4. Cancer Detection

This may seem unbelievable but dogs can smell cancerous cells easily with their amazing sense of smell. There are many dog owners that reported that their dog used to lick or sniff some part of their bodies and later those parts turned out to be cancerous. They are so good at it that some dogs have been specially trained and used to detect cancer.

5. More Socializing

If you are a shy person, having a dog may help you to get over it. Different kind of dog activities such as dog walking, getting it to the park or going to the pet store will increase your chances of meeting new people from both sex. According to a study done by a British university, 40% people who own a dog said that it’s much easier for them to make friends because of their dog, as people will usually throw a complement or strike a conversation when they see a dog.

6. Home Safety

A dog can be great addition to your existing home security system. Dogs can detect the slightest sound from around the house and bark if the sound is unusual. Many people believe that they can also detect spirits. Having a dog will make you feel a lot safer at home which is good for your mental health and will help you live longer. There are some breeds that good at home security than others.

There are a lot of other benefits as well that can’t be included in a single post. But these are the most proven and believed ones. And also can’t just get all the benefits of having a dog without providing it with some solid food and comfort it needs. One of them is a good rated dog bed. A dog bed has many health benefits for your dog. It can protect it from weather, crawling insects and it can provide a good nights sleep. If your dog is a large one then you may check out the reviews of best dog beds for large dogs to find the perfect bed your large canine needs.